Annual Reports
What is the story your report should tell this year?

As much as the annual report is an important part of your corporate identity, making your data easier to interpret or helping you showcase your culture, great design is the key to making a lasting impression. While your report will contain financial must-haves, that does not mean that your report has to be boring or as much fun as a dictionary.

Technology has come a long way and annual reports are not just paragraphs and numbers anymore. It can be a printed report, website, email, video, newspaper or info-graphic. But most importantly it’s a story.

You need to think about what story the report about your business will tell

Is it a story of change or success or learning experiences and how can this story impact or predict or make shareholders and employees think about the year to come. Well make your data easier to interpret and help you showcase your culture. Great design is the key to making a lasting impression.

Amazing annual reports from around the world

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Example awesome of annual rewards
Example awesome of annual rewards4
Example awesome of annual rewards5
Example awesome of annual rewards6
Example awesome of annual rewards3

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